Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Lingkup Kerja Desain Grafis

Lingkup kerja desain grafis terdiri dari beberapa tingkatan dan bagian. Situs menjelaskan dengan cukup gamblang. Semua posisi ini membutuhkan kejelian dalam memecahkan masalah, sensitifitas desain yang baik dan pengetahuan software terbaru.

Anda mampu menangani semua pekerjaan dalam desain grafis?

Creative / Art Director

Art directors, or creative directors are in charge of a creative team that produces artwork to be displayed in magazines, on television, on billboards, on the web, or on products. A creative team…. (Read More)

Layout Artist

A layout artist deals with the structure and layout out of images and text in a pleasing format for printed media. This can include… (Read More)

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is concerned with the visual aspects of a company or organization’s brand or identity. A brand identity design is the visual element that represents…. (Read More

Logo Designer

A logo is a sketched or graphically designed symbol, set in a specific typeface or font, and arranged in a unique way, with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent a company, product, organization, agency, or service…. (Read More)

Flash Designer

Flash is the newest and trendiest technology currently used in web design. Nearly everyone ranging from beginners to experienced web designers are learning how to create and…. (Read More)


Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations that represent an idea or a story through two-dimensional or three-dimensional images. Illustrators may do drawings for…. (Read More)

Technical Illustrator

Technical Illustrators conceptualize and create three-dimensional images, storyboard sketches, and moving illustrations for animated productions, television commercials, movies, computer games, or set and exhibit designs. Technical illustration primarily involves…. (Read More)

Photo Editing / Photoshop Artist

Photo editing, and new photo editing software like Photoshop has helped professional photographers and designers more easily bring their visions to life through advertisements, magazine layouts, billboards, logos, and just about every other multi-media medium…. (Read More)

Multimedia Designer

Jobs in multimedia design can be found in such career fields as television or film production, animation, audio production, and set design, as well as several other multimedia, and production design fields. Earning a…. (Read More)


Photography is more than just capturing an image. Professional photographers need to learn how to use the camera and other photography equipment such as lights, film, lenses, filters, digital technology, as well as their own creative vision, to produce images that communicate the desired…. (Read More)

Prepress Technician

Prepress involves a variety of tasks including checking proofs for errors and print clarity and correcting any mistakes, transforming text and pictures into finished pages, and making printing plates of the pages…. (Read More)

Web Designer

As a web designer, your work could be viewed by thousands of people everyday. Web designers create the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages, and play a key role in the development of a website. Web designers have the task of creating the…. (Read More)

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